There are a good many nouns in Klingon which are two or, less frequently, three syllables long, but which are not complex nouns of the types described above. These nouns probably at one time were formed by combining simple nouns, but one or all of the nouns forming the complex noun are no longer in use, so it is not possible (without extensive etymological research) to know what the individual pieces mean.

For example, 'ejDo' means starshipThe syllable 'ej also occurs in 'ejyo' StarfleetThere are, however, no known Klingon words 'ej, Do', or yo' that have anything to do with Starfleet, starships, the Federation, or space vehicles of any kind. It is quite likely that Do' is an Old Klingon word for space vessel (the modern Klingon word is Duj) that is used nowhere except in the noun 'ejDo'. Of course, without further study, that remains pure conjecture.