All nouns, whether simple or complex, may be followed by one or more suffixes. If there are two or more suffixes, the suffixes must occur in a specific order. Suffixes may be classified on the basis of their relative order after the noun. There are five types of suffixes (which, for convenience, will be numbered 1 through 5). Suffixes of Type 1 come right after the noun; suffixes of Type 2 come after those of Type 1; suffixes of Type 5 come last. This may be illustrated as follows:


Of course, if no suffix of Type 1 is used but a suffix of Type 2 is used, the Type 2 suffix comes right after the noun. If a suffix of Type 5 is the only suffix used, it comes right after the noun. Only when two or more suffixes are used does their order become apparent.

There are at least two suffixes in each suffix type. Only one suffix of each type may be used at a time. That is, a noun cannot be followed by, for example, two or three Type 4 suffixes.