Conversational Klingon

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01 - Introduction
02 - Pronunciation
03 - Grammar
04 - Numbers
05 - Time and Everyday Usage
05 - Time and Everyday Usage
The enemy is approaching.
We will die with honor.
Surrender or die.
Are you ready to study Klingon?
Pay attention!
Who are you?
What is this?
Where is the bathroom?
When do we leave?
Why is he angry?
How many guards are coming?
How much fuel do we have left?
Do you speak Federation Standard?
I don't speak Klingon.
I understand.
I don't understand
Are you a Klingon?
I'm a Terran.
I am a Klingon.
You are a Klingon.
He is a Terran.
She is a Terran.
I'm hungry.
You're right.
He is late.
She is early.
We're thirsty.
All of you are boring.
They're sloppy.
Are you a Terran?
Yes. I'm a Terran.
Are you vacationing on Kronos?
Yes. I am vacationing on Kronos.
Do you know anyone here?
No. I don't know anyone here.
Are you transporting tribbles?
No. I'm not transporting tribbles.
Stop relaxing!
One Klingon
Two Klingons
Three brave Klingons
Four phasers
Five phasers
Six big phasers
Seven foreheads
Eight *beautiful* foreheads
Nine tribbles
Ten *useless* tribbles
Noon or "twelve hundred hours"
Midnight or "zero hours"
Seven p.m. or "nineteen hundred hours"
Yesterday I was hungry.
Today I am thirsty.
Tomorrow I'll be tired.
Back to work!
What is your number, Terran?
I'm guest number forty-two.
We're expecting you.
Your room is number twenty-three.
The bed is very hard.
The room has no view.
Check-out time is five a.m.
Pay now!
Pick up your baggage and go to your room!
I want to visit some place.
I want to visit the Great Hall of the High Council.
I want to visit the dilithium mines.
These places are nearby, Terran.
Can I walk there?
No. You must ride the jitney.
Get in and stand there!
I can't see well from here.
We're passing a power generator.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Now I can smell something.
My eyes sting.
What is this place?
That is classified information.
When can I return to my room?
Do you understand the menu, Terran?
No. Help me.
Do you trust me?
Yes. I trust you.
I'll bring you dinner number three.
I'll bring tea, also.
Bon app?tit, Terran.
How do I eat the food?
Use your hands.
What is this?
You are eating serpent worms.
The serpent worms are moving.
Eat them quickly.
There's food all over my face.
Then you're obviously enjoying it.
Eat the pipius claw.
Is Klingon food always raw?
Terrans enjoy eating burnt animals.
Klingons never destroy good food.
Will you escort me to a bar?
Yes. Come with me.
Okay. Let's go!
Why is there rubble everywhere, Klingon?
Bars resemble warrior's homes.
Will you drink, Terran?
Yes. What is there?
They serve black ale, or Regulan bloodwine.
They won't serve Romulan ale to Terrans, to potent.
I'll have the black ale.
May your blood scream.
What's happening over there?
Klingon warriors are butting heads.
Everyone enjoys a mock battle.
If we get lucky, one will get angry.
Last opportunity.
What did he say?
He said: "Last Call"
Will you drink another one?
No. I feel sick.
Then you need to drink sour tea.
Sour tea cures everything.
Get help quickly!
Don't touch me!
Beam me up!
I didn't do it.
No problem.
I need to find a doctor.
Where do you keep the chocolate?
It has been an honor to instruct you. Success.