In giving commands, the imperative prefix may be left off, leaving the bare verb.

Proper Klingon: yIbaH Fire (the torpedoes)!
Clipped Klingon: baH

Proper Klingon: wIy yIcha' Show the tactical display!
Clipped Klingon: wIy cha'
(wIy tactical display on monitor, cha' show, project)

Proper Klingon: He chu' yIghoS Follow a new course!
Clipped Klingon: He chu' ghoS (He course, chu' be new, ghoS follow a course)

When the object noun is critical, and what is to be done with that noun is obvious (or should be obvious) to the listener, that noun itself may serve as the command.

Proper Klingon: chuyDaH yIlaQ Fire the thrusters!
Clipped Klingon: chuyDaH Thrusters!
(chuyDaH thrusters, laQ fire, energize)

Proper Klingon: HaSta yIcha' Show the visual display!
Clipped Klingon: HaSta Visual (display)!
(HaSta visual display on monitor, cha' show, project)

Finally, other grammatical markers, particularly noun suffixes, may be left out of commands.

Proper Klingon: jolpa'Daq yIjaH Go to the transport room!
Clipped Klingon: jolpa' yIjaH
(jolpa' transport room, -Daq locative, jaH go)

It is not common, when noun suffixes are chopped, for the imperative prefix on the verb to be dropped as well.