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Welcome to the Klingon Assault Group's Hol 'ampaS (Language Academy) run by qurgh, lungqIj tuq joH, the current Hol 'ampaS DevwI'. We have created this site to help teach others about the Klingon Language and to supply reliable language information to both KAG members and the general public.

If you are interested in learning the Klingon Language, chatting with other students or just need a quick translation, you can join us in our Facebook Group Learn Klingon and the Klingon Language Institute's Discord Server. We also recommend the Klingon Language Institute's online course for students that wish to pass the first level of the Klingon Language Certification Program.

On this site you will find:

  • Searchable Klingon dictionary and sentence parser. Supports both pIqaD and Romanized tlhIngan Hol.
  • New Searches also include Canon: Includes content from TKD, TKW, KGT, CK, PK, Skybox Cards, Monopoly, and paq'batlh.
  • Initial German language and Spanish language support has been added. Translators wanted to help fill in missing records.
  • Klingon Text to Speech can speak both words and sentences.
  • Klingon grammar guide, including canon from outside TKD.
  • Klingon lessons.
  • Media database of Klingon language audio and video clips.
  • Klingon Flashcards, including a set for the Klingon Language Certification Test.
  • Klingon five letter Wordle and six letter Wordle.
  • Klingon Word Search game.
  • Play the popular 2048 game with Klingon numbers.
  • Change the look and color of the site by selecting a theme in the User menu.
  • Download Desktop Hol 'ampaS from the Microsoft Store.
  • Download our Chrome Extension to easily search the dictionary from any page from the Chrome store.
  • Need help? Have feedback? Go to the #hol_ampas_support channel on the KLI Discord server.

Klingon Word of the Day:

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pIqaD Font Support has been moved to its own page.

Klingon is a constructed language invented for use within the Star Trek universe, with a large fan following around the world. Information created by the Klingon Language Institute (KLI), Paramount Pictures, and CBS Consumer Products was used in the creation of this website so that it may provide support and help to students and speakers of the language. This site was created for educational purposes and to help encourage the spread of the Klingon language. Support the Klingon language by buying The Klingon Dictionary and other Klingon language products. Klingon is a trademark of CBS Studios Inc.