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Gowron: "Did you think I would kill you loDHom? You've heard this about
Klingons. We kill anything that stands in our way. We enjoy the taste of
innocent blood. Lies. Honor is what we treasure. Honor above all things. And
you? You are as weak and frightened as a Qa'Hom. And there is no honor in
killing a Qa'Hom. But you, nov. You outsiders, you see only our fierceness,
our love of battle. You do not see the tIgh that shades our every act.

Gowron: "This is why, I, Gowron, leader of the Klingon High Council have
decided to break the secrecy that shrouds our culture, and show you, DIvI'
, that which truly makes us Klingon.

Gowron: "You are freightened young human? Yes. You should be. Your strength,
your skills are no better than that of a Klingon boy. But that will change.
When you have finished this holodeck adventure with me, this test, you will
have learned more than how to *live* as a Klingon, you will learn how to *be*
Klingon. You will no longer be nov, weak as a Qa'Hom, but you will be a

Gowron: "Then, it will be an honor to kill you. Hahahaha.

Gowron: "Take your knife."


Steven Boozer's comments:

"My understanding is that Marc Okrand wasn't able to coach Robert O'Reilly
in person, but gave him detailed instructions on how to pronounce
everything. O'Reilly tried really hard to get it right, but he's an actor,
not a linguist. He knew what he was saying, in that he had both the English
and Klingon texts to work from, but he doesn't actually know
Klingon. O'Reilly should be given credit: he's always done his best to be
authentic." (SuStel, 4/18/03)

"The only other person you could trust being canon and having correct
pronunciation is Gowron speaking on the Klingon Language Lab:

Of course he speaks "different" than Marc Okrand, but he is a different
person. Since he was trained by MO for this project, and he is really doing
a good job on this, I would say this (i.e. KCD including Gowron) really is
a canon source." (Quvar, 2/04/06)

Gowron's KCD Introductory speech (by Robert O'Reilly)

AFAIK no one has ever been able to decipher this speech. "This has
frustrated me for years. Considering how closely Okrand was involved in
producing this game, I keep feeling that Gowron's speech must actually mean
something, but whatever it is, it has eluded me. I can't go back to the
original anymore, since the game appears not to work on XP, but maybe
Quvar's transcript will be a good start." (ter'eS, 5/12,2003)

"I remember hearing that Marc Okrand wrote it and it was sent to Robert
O'Reilly, who learned it by heart and was really proud of his effort,
unaware that he completely butchered it. I THOUGHT there was a copy of
Okrand's original text floating about..." (SuStel, 12/20/07)

"I found a bit of information about this: an interview with Robert O'Reilly

Q: Mr. O'Reilly--You said you did not learn Klingon--but how did you
do the introduction sequence on Star Trek Klingon? I_am_Klingon
ROR: Believe it or not, they flew Marc Okrand in to be about 2 feet
from me, not ONLY to hold my hand, but to mouth the words so that I
would say it correctly. Some were more difficult than others and I
had to do quite a few takes on some of them.

O'Reilly is quite the STAR TREK fan... and really, really bad at Klingon,
if Okrand had several takes and couldn't get anything better than that out
of him." (SuStel, 12/21/07)

FYI here's Quvar's transcription:

ro ba qa DevwI' So na jaj
wIv la ta laH chaH
'oH quv 'oH puS
SoH Da'oS
logh'e' lujlu'
luchatlhpu' wo' SaS SuvwI'pu''e'
neSlu', luSaS lujbej
laS puqleS lo
bIratlh, lutoy'meH
puSlaH qa', Ha'DIbaH je, Daqa'vam!
buS chap qevaDaq 'a ghen toq
chaq luwISpu' chaH
mIv ya meS'e' DIHoHlaH chaH!
mIv yImeS
Ha ha ha ha haaa! .... ouargh!

And finally here's various bits from the CD (direct quotes from the game
and Language Lab as well as second-hand information from those who've
played the game):

qIm tera'ngan! "Attention Earther!" (bumper sticker, c1998, included in
game box)

'Iw 'Ip ghomey "Blood Oath Circles" (title of a well-known sculpture by
the artist mIStaq. Apparently made of metal, the sculpture is a
collection of hoops of different sizes representing all the blood oaths,
complete and unfinished, as well as the circles of vengeance. It was in
Torghn's house along with other pieces of sculpture.)

bIyem'a' "Will you sin?"

botjan yIchu' "Raise shields!"

charghbej vIt "The truth shall conquer." Okrand adds, "In this Klingon
proverb, the suffix -bej, following the verb chargh 'conquer', means
'certainly' or 'undoubtedly'. Thus, 'there's no doubt that the truth shall
conquer.' The word for 'truth' is vIt, and it's also found in the word
vItHay', the 'truth test'."

Dajatlhbogh vIyajlaHbe'. yIjatlhqa'! "I find no match for what you just
said. Please say it again." (Disk 3, files \wav\3k.wav and \wav\3e.wav)

DenIb Qatlh Denebian Slime Devil

Duran lung DIr Durani lizard skins

ghobchuq loDnI'pu' "The Brothers Battle One Another" (title of the
well-known Kahless and Morath statuette in Torghn's house)

ghochwI' "The Tracker" KCD

ghojmeH taj boy's knife ("knife for learning")

HuH slime. "This word literally means `bile.'"

lIghon DuQwI' pogh Ligonian spike glove

luq, ratlh. "Okay, he remains."

nuchpu' cowards

petaQ a Klingon insult. "No appropriate translation for this epithet has
yet been found."

Qa'Hom a little animal (e.g. Ligonian titmouse) "The translation
`titmouse' is really only an approximation of what this word means. A
Qa'Hom is a small animal considered rather insignificant. The word
literally means 'little Qa'.' A Qa' is a larger, more dangerous animal.
A Qa'Hom is not a young Qa', but it does bear a vague resemblance to
its namesake." (Note: the picture is of a small, four-footed rodent with a
lot of hair.)

qeylIS mInDu' "Eyes of Kahless" (a game)

QI'yaH vulgar Klingon expression. "This is one of the strongest, most foul
expressions in the Klingon language. It defies adequate translation."

qoH idiot, fool

Qoy, qeylIS puqloD! the Klingon national anthem

reH nuHmey tu'lu'. "There are always weapons."

romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI' Romulan hunter-killer probe (long
form); the short form is HoHwI'

tu'HomI'raH something useless: HurDaq tu'HomI'raHvetlh yIlan "Get that
piece of junk out of here!"

veQ garbage. One should enunciate this insult clearly. The KCD entry mentions
that the word veH "boundary" carries no negative connotations at all.

verengan Ha'DIbaH Ferengi dog. "This phrase literally means 'Ferengi animal,'
but translating it as 'Ferengi dog' carries more of the flavor of the insult."

wIy yIcha'

yIntagh a Klingon curse. "This is one of a number of Klingon curses that
doesn't have an adequate translation."

yItamchoH "Shut up!" (lit. "Become quiet!") When Gowron is talking with the
Pakled commander, he says this to T'Var (pronounced badly & untranslated in the


I ignored Gowron's tlhIngan-Hol speech at the beginning since I had read
comments that it is poorly pronounced. However, after reading Voragh's
compilation, I thought it might be useful if I just transcribed the phonetic
sounds for anyone who wants to try and break the "Gowron code". :) Here's the
way his speech sounds to me: /Mike Neff [email protected]

ro-va-ka dev-wee
cha oo-koo
wuv-bush shouk-ta osh
lo-hey luch-lu
o-shash shuv-wee-pu-'e'
nesh-luu lo-shash losh-bezh
lazh bu-glesh-lo
vee-ash lo-toyl-ma
chea do-go-vam
oools-cha kay-va-dak
ungadok chak lu-eesh-puzh-a

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Pok's father: "Ah.. Yes. Nothing tastes as good as the beast killed in the
*junta! Ah! and here is the hunter himself, Pok, come! come! Here is the boy
who's naQjej brought down the largest *dignok ever to be taken down on this
planet! Yes, I'm proud to call him son. And, tomorrow, after the Rite of
Ascension, I will be prouder still to call him *warrior* son.

"To my son, who has chosen to follow the path of his grandfather's. To Pok,

Two Klingons : "Qapla'"

One Klingon : "Qapla'"

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Subject: KCD 3

Gowron: "It pleases me that I should be here at my friend Torghn's side to
watch his son become a man"

Pok's father: "Gowron, your presence brings my house honor."

Gowron: "May the house always deserve it. I have brought your son the cha'nob

Gowron : "Honor me by taking them."

Pok's father : "Pok!"

** the knife appears **

... choose to do nothing and wait: ...

Gowron: "Indecision! It is like a disease with you off-worlders. You think too
much. There is a Klingon saying: Act and you shall have dinner, think and you
shall *be* dinner. You understand human, take action! Try again."

... choose to do nothing again ...

Gowron: "Naaaahhh! Did you not understand me last time? Indecision is death!
You are still thinking like a human."

"Will this be the right decision, will that be the right
decision. Choose! Deal with the consequences later! But choose now! Aaaaah!"

"It is not your fault. Klingons learn this when they are children. If your
brother says do this, then you do it!"

"...or you poise yourself for a fight. ...Or if a
woman bares her teeth at you, you hold her off, or, poise yourself... to love
her. Either way, the path is action! Go try again."

... choose to do nothing and wait ....

Gowron : "Are you sick?
Injured? Surely you can move faster than that! What is the matter, do you not
understand what is being said to you?! Try again, faster, faster,

.... do nothing again .....

Gowron : "This is the last time I will tell you this. Four
times is enough even for a Pakled dog to learn. Do something!"

"I see, I cannot teach you to be Klingon using human methods, from now on I
will teach you using *Klingon* methods."

... choose to attack Gowron's guard ....

Pok's father : "What did you do?! You would challange one of
Gowron's personal guards? They are not here for sport, they are guarding the
leader of the High Council, allied to the house of SepIch -- your house Pok --
Stop your games before someone takes true offense."

... choose to attack Gowron ....

Gowron : "*dirag! It is
alright, it was meant as a challenge of respect, isn't that right, Pok?"

Gowron : "My guards would be happy to die for me, and happier still to
kill for me. You are just learning, but next time you challenge me, I won't
stop them."

... choose the gifts ....

(this advances to next scene)

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Subject: KCD 4

Torghn: "My house thanks you for all you have given us, Gowron."

Gowron: "I above all know what you give up for me, for the empire."

Torghn: "When my ancestors conqured Tanganika, and set up rule over the planets
of this sector, they did so to the service of the empire. But the empire's
needs have changed, and we must change with it."

Gowron: "Others here on Tanganika do not see things as you do my friend. The
ancient houses have ruled these planets many years, and it has brought them
great wealth. They may not be as willing as you to give up their power."

Torghn: "For the future of the empire, we must sacrifice the planet our
grandfathers conquered, and that will bring us great honor."

Gowron : "Enough! Do you think Torghn would allow me to come to harm
in this house? I trust the house of SepIch to protect me. Leave! Hahhahaha!"

Gowron: "Your wife, K'Tar, looks well."

Torghn: "Yes. Do you regret that you did not take her for your wife?"

Gowron: "She has brought you great happiness. And a son. There is nothing to
regret. Hahhahah!"

Torghn : "Why do you stand? Put the presents down!"

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Subject: KCD 5

Vok: "It's hard to believe one so clumsy and slow could even begin to hunt a

K'Tar: "My son saves his skills for the hunting of beasts... and enemies."

Vok: "Our houses have stood door-to-door for generations, must we continue to
be enemies."

K'Tar : "It's hard to believe one so
stupid and weak is capable of running a Klingon house."

Vok: "Why K'tar, flirting at your age? What will Torghn say?"

K'Tar: "Throw this veQ out."

Vok : "bIyem'a'? The celebration was declared a
lopno'. You have invited all the spirits of our Klingon ancestors. Tradition
dictates that all are welcome to the lopno'. Even ancient rivals. Even me,

K'Tar: "chut Quj"

Pok : "luq. ratlh."

** knife appears **

(.. choose K'Tar ..)

K'Tar: "You side with Vok, against your own mother! Or do you just test me? You
are a boy until tomorrow, Pok, And I am still your mother. Do as you are told!"

(.. choose Vok ..)

K'Tar: "Are you deaf? Did you hear what I said? Would you disobey me and
dishonor your ancestors by ignoring the dictates of the lopno'? Listen to my

(.. choose nothing ..)

Vok: "I knew you would not dishonor your house. I accept your welcome."

K'Tar: "Do not confuse tolerance with welcome, Vok. You may stay, but keep
clear of Torghn and Gowron. Do not spoil the day with... politics!"

Vok: "A pity I did not bring my mate. T'Var could learn so much from you about
Klingon hospitality."

K'Tar: "Kkkkkkkk."

K'Tar : "Your father asked you to get him some food. Go! I will see to

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Information Points

Here is information embedded as "Information Points" in the scenes up through
the ones that I have transcribed for translation.

Some thoughts:

There are three words not in my dictionary:

Hovlat/Hov lat -"Star Shrine" for "The Tracker" constellation

"*fellka/*vellka/*mellka" - a dessert dish

"*jebQa'/*jevQa" - a marriage robe hung on the wall.

Interesting that "water jug" was given in English, even though we do have
Klingon for water jug. Wonder if the Klingon came later in the production of
the game/language lab?

A lot of tapestry on the walls, but we weren't given the vocab for that form of
art in the "Argot" section of KGT.

Interesting Klingon names, like "*Seeth" with unusual vowel/consonents for
Klingon. *SIytlh?

The Information Points:



"A two-handed battle sword. The proper weapon of choice for most Klingon ritual
combat. One of three weapons traditionally displayed on the nuH bey'. The
weapon is deeply rooted in Klingon history beginning with Kahless's defeat of
the tyrant Molar. Though training in betleH begins early in a Klingon's life,
mastery is rarely reached until years after the rite of ascension."



"A hunting spear weighted and balanced for throwing. Used only for the killing
of feral beast. One of three weapons traditionally displayed on the nuH



"A gutting device used in balance with a shield when practicing the Klingon
warrior fighting style of *qIjatlh (or *qIjat). One of three weapons
traditionally displayed on the nuH bey'."



"A symbolic representation of the constellation known as 'The Tracker'. The
constellation contains the star which is believed to be where Kahless was
pointing when he said 'I will be there'."


"Chalice of Kahless"

"Found in every warrior home. The Chalice is placed before the *Hovlat, where
it is always left, filled with wine, in case - the saying goes - Kahless come.
The wine is replaced every ninth day."


"The 8 houses of power on Tanganika listed in ascending order. All homes on
Tanganika display this tablet. The house of SepIch as the most powerful house
is in the lower right hand corner. Symbol of the house of *Inqa was removed
from the tablet by *Seeth, direct ancestor to Pok and Torghn, after the start
of the SepIch-*Inqa feud."


"Striped banner with the colors of the planet Tanganika on a field of green. It
represents Tanganika's allegiance to the emperor and the empire. It has come to
symbolize the enemy for those on Tanganika that do not agree with the empire's,
and Gowron's, latest actions.


" *jebQa' " (or *jevQa' *jebqan )

"A large panel of embroidered cloth, taken from the ritual marriage robes worn
by the mother of the head of ..."



"A dish native to the original inhabitants of Tanganika. When the 8 houses
began their rule of this sector, all natives of Tanganika were banished to
outlying planets. The Klingons, however, adopted a number of their local



"A worm-like creature native to the Klingon home world. A favorite Klingon
delicacy, rarely, if ever, eaten as a replicator dish, as it is properly served


"Heart of Targh"

"The heart of the targh beast. Although targh are bred for food throughout the
empire, the heart of bred targ is considered weakened by domestication. Only
the heart of a wild-hunted targh is considered worthy of eating, making it a
rare delicacy."


"bregit lung"

"The breathing organ of any of a number of Klingon beasts, prepared in a manner
that preserves its tough texture and blanched color."


"rokeg blood pie"

"A much favored klingon dish. Difficult to prepare properly. There are many
regional variations of this dish. A blood feud between house of *Renghat and
house of *Dor began when warriors of each house claimed to have the better


"*vellka" (or *fellka or *mellka )

"A dessert dish made from the seeds of the *peelime plant. The seeds are
fermented, crushed, and jellied."


"hooves of the tknag beast"

"The tknag is a dangerous carnivore native to Tanganika. The skin is tough and
leathery. The tknag is a formidable prey."


"Tapestery honoring the life and honorable death of *aygon, first head of the
house of SepIch on Tanganika. It represents the story of qul tuq, the famouse
opera. *aygon alone stood toe-to-toe with the largest tknag beast ever seen.
With only a d'k tagh knife he brought it down. The natives, terrified by a
warrior of such prowess, surrendered themselves wholly to *aygon. Thus alone he
began the conquest of this part of the Klingon imperial frontier."


"A work by the Klingon artist mIstaq. In it's closed and broken circles, it
is said to represent both the fulfilled and unfulfilled blood oath. It is a
warning to those who would hesitate to fulfill that which is sworn."


"cha'nob gifts"

"Presents brought by a close family ally to celebrate the coming of age of a
young man or woman. They are to be opened before the actual ritual, as they are
believed to bring the youth strength and courage. Traditionally, the gifts
include money, food, and tokens of family history."


"A wickedly shaped weapon, the wounds inflicted by the SoStaj are
particularly painful and deadly."


"Kahless is the Klingon who brought discipline, order, and honor to the
Klingons. He is held in the highest regard. The statue represents the great
battle fought between Kahless and Morath. Although there are many versions of
this theme, this particular rendering is commonly found in cultured Klingon's


"Shield emblem of the house of SepIch. Ornamental. Smaller, practical versions
of the shield were carried into battle by House of SepIch warriors in ancient
Klingon times. The existence of a shield emblem shows that the house of SepIch
is a noble and very ancient house."


"Water jug"

"Traditionally kept filled and set at the front door of every warrior home. It
is said, when a warrior returns from battle, he thirsts, and should not want
for satisfaction."

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Subject: KCD 6

Klingon 1: "Pok, a word of warning, stay away from the rokeg blood pie.
Chakto's mate brought it, and she could overcook a dikus plant."

Klingon 2: "If Chakto heard that, he'd rip out your tongue."

Klingon 1: "Worse, he would have his mate cook it and make me eat it."

Klingon 2: "My mate's rokeg, mmm, is the best in the world."

Klingon 1: "True."

Klingon 2: "A recipe from a Federation woman -- human. The secret's in a liquid
spice they call 'woodka.'"

Klingon 1: "'Woodka.'"

Klingon 2: "'Wooodka.'"

Klingon 1: "'Woooodka.'"

Torghn: "Pok! Where's the food. Bring Gowron some gagh."

** the knife appears **

(.. choose nothing, wait ..)

.. replays the "indecision" stuff from Gowron.

(.. choose rokeg ..)

Klingon 1: "After what we have told you, you would bring this rokeg to Gowron?
He asked for gagh. A smart boy would bring it to him."

(.. choose bregit lung ..)

Klingon 2: "Are your ears stuffed? I distinctly heard your father call for
gagh. Gagh!"

Klingon 1: "Does brigit lung look like gagh to you? put it back, and pay better
attention to your father."

(.. choose heart of targh ..)

Klingon 2: "Bring Gowron heart of targh, and his next dish is liable to be
heart of Pok."

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Subject: KCD 7

Gowron: "Ah! The gagh, lad, I hope they're still alive. Did you trip over a
woman on your way here?"

Qua'lon: "A woman? I doubt he would know what to do with a woman."

Gowron: "Enough joking. Soon we will go too far and find a ghojmeH taj at our
throat! Hahaha! Open your cha'nob boy."

Qua'lon: "Do you not know what it is."

K'Tar: "The young are ignorant of their family's history."

Qua'lon: "It is a score to qul tuq. qul tuq. Can it be you have never heard
the opera that tells the tale of our family's house?"

Qua'lon [singing: "Uuaaooo ma-kool aaaooo ma-sar reshuv tak yak bo ej gogh bow

Qua'lon: "Torghn, the boy is ignorant."

Torghn: "Perhaps I have spent too much time teaching him to hunt, brother, and
not enough teaching him to sing."

Gowron: "The next! Open another! Another one, yes."

Torghn: "An acta crystal."

Gowron: "It's as useful as latinum. The crystal is bigger than it."

Torghn: "HoHwI'! A hunter killer! petaD!"

** knife appears **

(choose acta crystal)

K'Tar: "The hunter probe may strike any of us, where is your warrior instinct?
Someone is about to die, and this is what you care about? A trinket? Are you
Klingon or Ferengi?"

(choose knife)

Klingon 1: "Do you think you can defend yourself with a ghojmeH taj? Your
knife against a Romulan hunter-killer probe? You must stalk it as it stalks

(choose HoHwI')

Torghn: "Did you not hear what I said? petaD! Or someone will die!"

(choose nothing)
(.. story continues)

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Subject: KCD 8

Qua'lon: "He did not even see the face of his enemies! I must have vengence!"

Gowron: "Do not let vengence cloud your mind, there is a ritual to be
performed. Vengence will wait for that."

Qua'lon: "You are right. I will perform the ritual."

Gowron: "No! It is not your place. Pok."

** knife appears **

(.. choose Gowron ..)

Gowron: "I know this scene of death is shocking to you human. The cowardlieness
of this assassination shocks even a Klingons heart. But do not be confused, if
you touch me again in front of the others, I will defend myself. You have a
duty to perform. Do it!"

(.. choose Qua'lon ..)

Qua'lon: "Do you challange me, here, over your fathers unmourned corpse?"

Gowron: "I think he only meant for you to lead the ritual."

Gowron : "But it is not his place. It is yours. Try again."

(.. choose Torghn's eyes ..)

(the story continues)