Lesson 6 – introducing verb prefix bI-:

You're beautiful!

Beginners, welcome!

Today we are going to learn how to make simple compliments in Klingon!

So let's start with an example:
bI'IH = you are beautiful

This breaks down into 2 parts:
prefix + verb

  1. prefix bI- = you--no object
    bI- is used whenever the subject is the singular you and there is no object.

    In this regard it is quite similar to jI- in the way it is used.

    Thus we can also have:
    bIHagh = you laugh
    bIHaD = you study
    bIvum = you work

  2. verb 'IH = be beautiful, handsome
    'IH is a stative verb describing a quality.

    Stative verbs always take a prefix indicating “no object”. In lesson 4, it was jI- (I--no object).

Here, to make compliments, we will thus use:

Now let's make some compliments! Here are a few verbs you can use:

val = be clever, be smart HoS = be strong qu' = be fierce
Dun = be wonderful, great po' = be skilled yoH = be brave
matlh = be loyal jaq = be bold le' = be exceptional


Prepared by Aurélie Demonchaux (ghItlhjaj)