-moH cause

Adding this suffix to a verb indicates that the subject is causing a change of condition or causing a new condition to come into existence.

tIjwI'ghom vIchenmoH I form a boarding party (tIjwI'ghom boarding party, chen take form, take shape)

This sentence might also be translated I cause a boarding party to be formed.

HIQoymoH let me hear (something) (Qoy hear)

More revealingly, this sentence could be translated cause me to hear (something). Note that this sentence would not be used in asking permission to hear; it is a direct command.

Normally, the best English translation of a verb with -moH does not contain the word cause. For example, chenmoH he/she makes, creates could be translated he/she causes to take shape (chen take form, take shape), but this is an awkward English phrase.

Post TKD Information

More complicated constructions that involved both a direct and indirect object can also be constructed

HoDvaD la' HIvmoH Sogh The lieutenant causes the Captain to attack the Commander

targhvaD verengan SopmoH tlhIngan The Klingon causes the targh to eat the Ferengi

These sentences follows the formula of:

Y-vaD Z VERB-moH X 
The X causes the Y to VERB the Z