Power Klingon

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01 Introduction
02 Qualifying suffixes
03 Straightforwardness
04 Straightforwardness - Dialogue
05 Phrases - Aggressiveness and strength
06 Dialogue - Using the four ideals; accuracy, straightforwardness, aggressiveness and strength
07 Drinks
08 Toasts
09 Curse warfare
10 Adressing people with high rank
11 Dialects
12 Replacement proverbs
13 Secrecy proverbs
14 Holiday proverbs
15 Empire union day phrases
16 Rite of ascention (Nentay)
17 Mating phrases and sounds
18 Clipped klingon
19 Klingon humour and jokes
20 Pet commands
21 Dialogues - A klingon day
22 Ending and credits
Beautiful day, isn't it? May we talk?
I don't care.
You don't care. Why do you say that?
Maybe I'd like to buy something from you.
Hurry up! Buy or die.
You have insulted my honor, Terran.
You do not deserve to live.
Calm down!
Take that!
He aims the photon torpedo.
He aims the photon torpedo perfectly.
That ship is tracking us.
That ship is apparently tracking us.
I want to buy dilithium crystals.
Come with me!
Shut up!
Sell it to me now!
Pay or die.
I definitely want to buy dilithium crystals.
I understand. Come with me!
Here they are. Two thousand credits. Hurry up!
Shut up! I definitely want them.
Take the credits!
You transact business honorably.
I will drink Romulan ale.
Fill a large glass!
Do not bring ice!
I will drink boiling wormwine.
I will drink two century old ale.
We will take a quick break.
Stop breaking!
I am honored to see you.
Your gunners are skilled, your honor.
Your wealth is impressive, your honor.
Give me a permit to sell dilithium, your honor.
Permit me to explain my mistake, your honor.
Give me the Rokeg blood pie.
Have you seen my phaser?
I want eat meat
What is that food?
The blood of the warrior grows cold.
I must wash my hair now.
Two Federation crewmen arrive on Kronos.
They meet a Klingon guard.
They ask him: "Can we get to the Great Hall from here?"
The guard answers: "If the bugs do not bite you."
Are warriors red?
No. They are green.
A prisoner says to the guard: "I am hungry."
The guard replies: "I am also hungry."
The prisoner says: "I am thirsty."
The guard replies: "I am also thirsty."
The prisoner says: "I am very tired."
The guard says: "I am *not* tired."
I definitely want sixty ion triggers.
Give me five thousand credits! Pay now!
No problem! Here!
Good. Let us go get a drink.
Waiter, I will drink Romulan ale.
Waiter, bring two glasses!
May your blood scream.
May you always find a bloodworm in your glass.
Curse warfare has definitely begun.
It would be an honor to eat twice here at your house, your honor. I am very hungry.
May the spirit of Kahless live within you.
Your Qogh is definitely fierce. Do not do that! Sit!
The Terran is brave. Very good.
You follow Klingon customs well.
I have secret information, you will find it useful. We will talk after dinner.
Terran, Do I please you?
Guest, do you know any funny stories?
It has been an honor to instruct you. Success!
You are an unusual Terran.
Get off that transporter control panel!
Bite his/her leg off!
Chew that arm!
Bring that here!
I really mean it this time: bring that here!
Bad! Bad animal!
Do not lick my forehead!