There are two ways to say "between", depending on meaning.

(1) "between A and B" means "at some (perhaps unknown) point between A and B". In this case, A and B are the extremes of a range. The construction makes use of rav "minimum" and 'aqroS "maximum": rav A 'aqroS B…  For example, rav cha' 'uj(mey) 'aqroS loS 'uj(mey) 'ab "has a length between two and four ujes" (it's at least two ujes long and no more than four).

(2) "between A and B" means the full stretch of time (or distance or whatever), from one end of the span to the other. In this case, the noun qubbID is used: DaSjaj buqjaj (je) qubbID maleng "we travel Monday to Friday" or "we travel between Monday and Friday". Compare: DaSjaj buqjaj (je) qubbID maghom "we meet between Monday and Friday, we meet Moday to Friday" and rav DaSjaj 'aqroS buqjaj maghom "we meet between Moday and Friday, we meet at some point between Monday and Friday".