Klingon Similes

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cold as revenge
weak as water
strong as blood
thirsty as a singer
hungry as gagh
thick as gagh sauce
evil as Molor
old as Qui'Tu
mean as Fek'lhr
dishonored as an inhabitant of Gre'thor
bright as the Torch of G'boj
sharp as a d'k tahg
worthless as an empty torpedo tube
dishonest as a double-headed ax
foolish as a t'gla
incompetent as a topah
nervous as a tika cat
soft as a Regulan bloodworm
vicious as a norg
free [or independent] as a forest animal
disloyal as a Romulan
greedy as a Ferengi
ruthless as a Hur'q
cautious as a Terran
proud as a Klingon
clever as an eyebrow
correct (as a tree)
sad as a floor
serious as a toothache
shiny as a nose