Star Trek: Klingon (CD-ROM)

Star Trek: Klingon was a computer game published by Simon & Schuster
in 1996. It was available in two versions, one for Windows and
one for Macintosh. The game features a video based interactive story with
quite limited gameplay. Packaged with the game came a bonus CD with a
standalone piece of software, the “Language Lab” – a limited language course
for learning Klingon which features the voice of Marc Okrand.

In the package you’ll find three CDs, the first two of which contains the game
“Star Trek: Klingon”. The game is more of an interactive video, and less of an
actual computer game. (In todays standard – as of 2013 – the resolution of the
video is subpar, but that’s to be expected considering the relatively long
playing time and the limited space.)

The video (or game, if you want to call it that) features all the actors we’ve
come to know and love from TNG, and gives some insight in the Klingon culture,
but apart from that there isn’t much be gained there.

The third CD, the “Language Lab,” is an interactive language course with a
Klingon style interface. It teaches Klingon words, divided into several
different categories. This Language Lab also contains a tool to help you with
your pronunciation – speak to it and the computer will aid you and give
suggestions to help you improve (I have not tested this feature myself).

Even if you manage to get a hold of a copy Star Trek: Klingon, getting it run
might pose a bit of a challenge, since the game will only run under older
versions of Windows (such as Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or possibly Windows
or ME – it is known to not start under Windows XP and later versions).
However, there are many audio files on the Language Lab disk, and video files
from the two game disks, which may be viewed even without running the game.
(Though the video files are in an uncommon format, and may require special
tools to be made viewable.)

The game was published by Simon & Schuster Interactive, and was available for
Windows (ISBN 0-671-52873-4) and Macintosh
(ISBN 0-671-52872-6).