h1 id="Decipher_Inc_Trading_Card_from"Decipher Inc. Trading Card from emThe Fajo Collection/em/h1



pOne of the cards released in the emThe Fajo Collection/em of the a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_Customizable_Card_Game"emStar Trek
Customizable Card
Game/em/a was
written entirely in Klingon (an English translation was, however, provided in
the rulebook accompanying the deck)./p

pThe text on the card consists of a description of how to use the card in game
play, copyright text, and some proverbs taken from emTKW./em The original Klingon
is of high quality and this have led people to speculate that this card was
translated by Marc Okrand, but when asked about it (by Zrajm, in 2013) he could
neither confirm nor deny his involvement./p

tdb lang=tlhDa­buQ­lu’­DI’ yI­Suv./b
bri class=translationWhen threatened, fight./i
tdp. 7
tdb lang=tlhbI­Sov­bej­be’­DI’ tI­mer./b
bri class=translationWhen in doubt, surprise them./i
tdp. 25
tdb lang=tlhSuv­lu’­taH­vIS yap­be’ HoS neH./b
bri class=translationBrute strength is not the most important asset in a fight./i
tdp. 21
tdb lang=tlhtIq­Daq HoS­na’ tu’­lu’./b
bri class=translationReal power is in the heart./i
tdp. 23
tdb lang=tlhmay’­mey­Daj­vo’ Haw’­be’ tlhI­ngan./b
bri class=translationA Klingon does not run away from his battles./i
tdp. 91

pSee also a href="1997-12-31-ccg-fajo.txt"plain text transcription/a. A transcript of
this card was printed in a href="2000-12-holqed-09-4-a.txt"emb lang=tlhHol­QeD/b 9:4,/em page 16/a
in time datetime="2000-12"December 2000/time./p

h2 id="Decipher_Inc_Trading_Card_"Decipher Inc. Trading Card “b lang=tlhQap­la’!/b”/h2

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img src="pic/mini/1997-ccg-fajoa.jpg" width=181 height=250
Front, card “b lang=tlhQap­la’!/b”
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img src="pic/mini/1997-ccg-fajob.jpg" width=181 height=250
Back, card “b lang=tlhQap­la’!/b”

h3 id=""b lang=tlhqagh­wI’/b/h3

pb lang=tlhQap­la’!/b/p

pb lang=tlhDa­buQ­lu’­DI’ yI­Suv.
bI­Sov­bej­be’­DI’ tI­mer.
Suv­lu’­taH­vIS yap­be’
HoS neH. tIq­Daq HoS­na’
tu’­lu’. may’­mey­Daj­vo’
Haw’­be’ tlhI­ngan./b/p

pb lang=tlhDu­HIv­chugh ghol vaj
qaS­taH­vIS may’­vetlh
HoS­Daq ghob lu­chel quv
ghaj­bogh tlhI­ngan­pu’­lI’.

pTM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. † TM & © 1997 b lang=tlhngoq­Daq Qay­Ha’/b/p



pWhen threatened, fight. When in doubt, surprise them. Brute strength is not the
most important asset in a fight. Real power is in the heart. A Klingon does not
run away from his battles./p

pIf an opponent attacks you, during that battle your Klingons with Honor add
INTEGRITY to STRENGTH. (Not cumulative.)/p

p class=right style="color:#888;"(Translation from iThe Fajo Collection/i rulebook.)/p