Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Cutaway Poster

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A large poster (36″×24″ = approx. 90×60cm) showing both the inside and
outside of a Klingon Bird of Prey in great detail. Includes technical callouts
of specifications in both English and Klingon. Klingon translation by Marc
Okrand – including a lot of new vocabulary! (Printed in five colours on acid
free archival quality 65# cover weight stock with gloss aquies coating. Price:
$20 for the regular version, $40 for a limited edition signed by the artists

tlhI­ngan toQ­Duj
Klingon Bird Of Prey

tlhI­ngan toQ­Duj ’ey’­mey tetlh
Klingon Bird of Prey Technical Callouts

  1. So’­wI’ DaH
    Cloak Array

  2. Qum De’­wI’
    Communications Computer

  3. lo’ law’ loj­mIt
    Utility Hatch

  4. Degh

  5. Qum SeH­law
    Communications Console

  6. QeD SeH­law
    Science Console

  7. ’otlh peng baH­jan
    Photon Torpedo Launcher

  8. peng baH­jan tuj ghIm­wI’
    Heat Exhaust for Torpedo Launcher

    Transcriber’s note: The word ghIm­wI’ (above) is most likely a TKD
    lookup error as the line “exile (v) ghIm” is adjacent to “exhaust
    (v) tlhuch” in English–Klingon part of TKD (and the dictionary, with is
    very wide columns, is quite easily misread). However, since ghIm­wI’ is
    used for exhaust (n) in this canon source, it is now considered canon
    (and a synonym of tlhuch­wI’).

  9. qoD Qutlh­wI’ ngaD­moH­wI’

    Inner Support Stabilizer

  10. ya De’­wI’

    Tactical Computer

  11. HoS Qay­meH ’och

    Power Transfer Conduit

  12. Soj pol­meH pa’

    Food Storage

  13. chob­’a’

    Main Corridor

  14. cha’­puj pa’

    Dilithium Chamber

  15. De’­wI’ SoS­bor­’a’

    Main Computer Core

  16. yaS pa’­mey

    Officers’ Quarters

  17. jol­pa’

    Transporter Room

  18. beq pa’­mey

    Non-commissioned Crew Quarters

  19. tep


  20. tep­qeng­wI’

    Cargo Lift

  21. tel SeH­wI’ jo’

    Wing Control Mechanism

  22. tel vID­’Ir­mey

    Wing Baffles

  23. pIv­ghor lIng­wI’

    Warp Generator

  24. pIv­chem SeH­wI’­mey

    Warp Field Controllers

  25. ’o’ chuy­DaH Hong­ghor je

    Aft Thrusters and Impulse Drive

  26. leng Dotlh SeH­wI’ pat

    Flight Reaction Control System

  27. begh bot­jan

    Deflector Shield(s)

  28. begh DaH

    Deflector Array

  29. nuH HoS ’och

    Weapon(s) Power Conduit

  30. tal SeH­wI’ nguS­DI’

    Cannon Control Motor

  31. tal Qan­wI’

    Cannon Guard

  32. jop­wI’ jo’

    Recoil Machinery

  33. nIS­wI’ tal

    Disruptor Cannon

  34. nIS­wI’


  35. tal jo’

    Cannon Machinery

  36. Saq­jan

    Landing Gear

  37. tel­Daq wov­moH­wI’­mey

    Wing Lights

  38. pIv­ghor lIng­wI’ DaH

    Warp Generation Array

  39. muD ngeb SeH­wI’ pat

    Atmospheric Control System

  40. De’­wI’ Qul­pa’

    Computer Research Lab

tlhI­ngan toQ­Duj Duj De’ potlh
Klingon Bird of Prey General Specifications

  • Segh: bI’­rel tlhargh­Duj

    Model: B’rel-Class Scout

  • (qI­vo’­rIt may’­Duj mach)

    (Smaller Version of a K’vort Class Cruiser)

  • lu­’ogh­ta’ nIy­lo ro­DIS bIl jo’­rIj je

    Designed By: Nilo Rodis & Bill George

  • tlhI­ngan juH­qo’­Daq tlhIng yoS­Daq ’oH toQ­Duj chen­moH­lu’­meH Daq wa’­DIch­’e’

    1st Construction Site: The Kling District, Klingon Home World

  • Duj De’ potlh

    General Specifications

  • wej­vatlh loS­maH loS vI’ vagh wej ’uj ’aD Duj

    Length: 120M

  • loS­maH jav vI’ Soch loS ’uj ’ab meH

    Bridge Height: 16.28M

  • HIv­taH­vIS toQ­Duj cha’­vatlh wej­maH Soch vI’ vagh chorgh ’uj ’ab ’oH

    Attack Formation Height: 82.75M

  • qugh­taH­vIS toQ­Duj Hut­maH vI’ jav wa’ ’uj ’ab ’oH

    Cruise Formation Height: 31.56M

  • Saq­taH­vIS toQ­Duj wa’­vatlh loS vI’ jav chorgh ’uj ’ab ’oH

    Landing Formation Height: 36.46M

  • cha’ vI’ vagh choQ­mey lu­togh­lu’

    Number of Decks: 2.5

  • (cha’ choQ­mey naQ tu’­lu’ ’ej tep choQ bIng­Daq lo’ law’ bID choQ tu’­lu’)

    (2 Full Decks and a Half Utility Deck unter the Cargo Deck)

  • wej­vatlh Soch­maH vagh SaD cheb­’a’­mey ngI’ Duj

    Mass: 8.7KT

Hong­ghor pat
Impulse Drive System

  • Hong boq chuy­DaH: loS

    Impulse Fusion Thrusters – 4

  • muD­Daq ’eD­SeH­cha lu­laQ­lu’­bogh: jav

    Atmospheric Take-Off/Landing Thursters – 6

pIv­ghor pat
Warp Drive System

  • pIv­chem lIng­wI’ DaH­mey: cha’

    Warp Field Generation Arrays – 2

  • pIv­chem SeH­wI’: cha’

    Warp Field Controller – 2

  • qugh­Do motlh: pIv­lob vagh

    Normal Cruising Speed – Warp 5

  • ’aq­roS qugh­Do: pIv­lob Hut vI’ vagh

    Maximum Cruising Speed – Warp 9.5

  • choH lIS­bogh Hap­’e’: cha’­puj­qut

    Reaction Moderating Element – Crystalline Dilithium

  • nIn: bIQ­SIp ’ugh

    Fuel – Deuterium Isotope

  • nIn: rugh bIQ­SIp

    Fuel – Anti Hydrogen

Transporter Systems

  • wey jol­pat: wa’ (jav ghot­pu’)

    Personnel Transporter – 1 (6 Man)

  • tep jol­pat: wa’

    Cargo Transporter – 1

  • QeD pat­mey noch pat­mey je

    Science and Remote Sensing Systems

  • chuq­’a’

    Long Range

  • jab­bI­’ID pup: Qap­chu’­meH ’aq­roS chuq: cha’ vI’ chorgh logh­qam­mey

    High Resolution – Maximum Effective Range – 3.5 Light Years

  • jab­bI­’ID pup­Ha’: Qap­chu’­meH chuq: chorgh vI’ chorgh logh­qam­mey

    Medium to Low Resolution – Effective Range – 11 Light Years

ya pat­mey
Tactical Systems

  • nIS­wI’ tal­mey: cha’ (tel­Daq lu­jom­lu’)

    Disruptor Cannon – 2 (Wing Mounted)

  • nIS­wI’: cha’ chang­’eng­mey (tel­Daq lu­jom­lu’, nI­teb­Ha’ lu­baH­lu’)

    Disruptor – 2 Pairs (Wing Mounted, Fire Linked)

Qum pat­mey
Communications Systems

  • ’ev­nagh Se’ Hab­lI’

    Sub Space Radio

De’­wI’ pat­mey
Computer Systems

  • Hung buv rav: patlh Hut

    Classified Level 9 and Above

  • Technical Illustration

    Matt Cushman

  • Computer Illustration

    Bob Kayganich

  • Creative Director

    Marty Petz

  • Klingon Translation

    Marc Okrand

Thanks for the support provided by the STAR TREK Art Department, John Eaves,
Herman Zimmerman, Mike Okuda, Rick Sternbach, and Doug Drexler.

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