h1 id="Star_Trek_Klingon_Bird_of_Prey_Cutaway_Poster"Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Cutaway Poster/h1

a href="pic/1998-11-01-bop-big.jpg"img src="pic/1998-11-01-bop-sml.jpg"
width=539 height=375 alt="Bird of Prey Cutaway Poster"/a

div class=commentpA large poster (36″×24″ = approx. 90×60cm) showing both the inside and
outside of a Klingon Bird of Prey in great detail. Includes technical callouts
of specifications in both English and Klingon. Klingon translation by Marc
Okrand – including a lot of new vocabulary! (Printed in five colours on acid
free archival quality 65# cover weight stock with gloss aquies coating. Price:
$20 for the regular version, $40 for a limited edition signed by the artists

h2 id="_br_"b lang=tlhtlhI­ngan toQ­Duj/b bri class=translationKlingon Bird Of Prey/i/h2

h3 id="_br_"b lang=tlhtlhI­ngan toQ­Duj ’ey’­mey tetlh/b bri class=translationKlingon Bird of Prey Technical Callouts/i/h3

lib lang=tlhSo’­wI’ DaH/b bri class=translationCloak Array/i/li
lib lang=tlhQum De’­wI’/b bri class=translationCommunications Computer/i/li
lib lang=tlhlo’ law’ loj­mIt/b bri class=translationUtility Hatch/i/li
lib lang=tlhDegh/b bri class=translationHelm/i/li
lib lang=tlhQum SeH­law/b bri class=translationCommunications Console/i/li
lib lang=tlhQeD SeH­law/b bri class=translationScience Console/i/li
lib lang=tlh’otlh peng baH­jan/b bri class=translationPhoton Torpedo Launcher/i/li
lib lang=tlhpeng baH­jan tuj ghIm­wI’/b bri class=translationHeat Exhaust for Torpedo Launcher/i
div class=commentpTranscriber’s note: The word b lang=tlhghIm­wI’/b (above) is most likely a TKD
lookup error as the line “i class=translationexile/i (v) b lang=tlhghIm/b” is adjacent to “i class=translationexhaust/i
(v) b lang=tlhtlhuch/b” in English–Klingon part of TKD (and the dictionary, with is
very wide columns, is quite easily misread). However, since b lang=tlhghIm­wI’/b is
used for i class=translationexhaust/i (n) in this canon source, it is now considered canon
(and a synonym of b lang=tlhtlhuch­wI’/b)./p/div/li
lib lang=tlhqoD Qutlh­wI’ ngaD­moH­wI’/b
bri class=translationInner Support Stabilizer/i/li
lib lang=tlhya De’­wI’/b
bri class=translationTactical Computer/i/li
lib lang=tlhHoS Qay­meH ’och/b
bri class=translationPower Transfer Conduit/i/li
lib lang=tlhSoj pol­meH pa’/b
bri class=translationFood Storage/i/li
lib lang=tlhchob­’a’/b
bri class=translationMain Corridor/i/li
lib lang=tlhcha’­puj pa’/b
bri class=translationDilithium Chamber/i/li
lib lang=tlhDe’­wI’ SoS­bor­’a’/b
bri class=translationMain Computer Core/i/li
lib lang=tlhyaS pa’­mey/b
bri class=translationOfficers’ Quarters/i/li
lib lang=tlhjol­pa’/b
bri class=translationTransporter Room/i/li
lib lang=tlhbeq pa’­mey/b
bri class=translationNon-commissioned Crew Quarters/i/li
lib lang=tlhtep/b
bri class=translationCargo/i/li
lib lang=tlhtep­qeng­wI’/b
bri class=translationCargo Lift/i/li
lib lang=tlhtel SeH­wI’ jo’/b
bri class=translationWing Control Mechanism/i/li
lib lang=tlhtel vID­’Ir­mey/b
bri class=translationWing Baffles/i/li
lib lang=tlhpIv­ghor lIng­wI’/b
bri class=translationWarp Generator/i/li
lib lang=tlhpIv­chem SeH­wI’­mey/b
bri class=translationWarp Field Controllers/i/li
lib lang=tlh’o’ chuy­DaH Hong­ghor je/b
bri class=translationAft Thrusters and Impulse Drive/i/li
lib lang=tlhleng Dotlh SeH­wI’ pat/b
bri class=translationFlight Reaction Control System/i/li
lib lang=tlhbegh bot­jan/b
bri class=translationDeflector Shield(s)/i/li
lib lang=tlhbegh DaH/b
bri class=translationDeflector Array/i/li
lib lang=tlhnuH HoS ’och/b
bri class=translationWeapon(s) Power Conduit/i/li
lib lang=tlhtal SeH­wI’ nguS­DI’/b
bri class=translationCannon Control Motor/i/li
lib lang=tlhtal Qan­wI’/b
bri class=translationCannon Guard/i/li
lib lang=tlhjop­wI’ jo’/b
bri class=translationRecoil Machinery/i/li
lib lang=tlhnIS­wI’ tal/b
bri class=translationDisruptor Cannon/i/li
lib lang=tlhnIS­wI’ /b
bri class=translationDisruptor/i/li
lib lang=tlhtal jo’/b
bri class=translationCannon Machinery/i/li
lib lang=tlhSaq­jan/b
bri class=translationLanding Gear/i/li
lib lang=tlhtel­Daq wov­moH­wI’­mey/b
bri class=translationWing Lights/i/li
lib lang=tlhpIv­ghor lIng­wI’ DaH/b
bri class=translationWarp Generation Array/i/li
lib lang=tlhmuD ngeb SeH­wI’ pat/b
bri class=translationAtmospheric Control System/i/li
lib lang=tlhDe’­wI’ Qul­pa’/b
bri class=translationComputer Research Lab/i/li

h3 id="_br_"b lang=tlhtlhI­ngan toQ­Duj Duj De’ potlh/b bri class=translationKlingon Bird of Prey General Specifications/i/h3

lib lang=tlhSegh: bI’­rel tlhargh­Duj/b
bri class=translationModel: B’rel-Class Scout/i/li
lib lang=tlh(qI­vo’­rIt may’­Duj mach)/b
bri class=translation(Smaller Version of a K’vort Class Cruiser)/i/li
lib lang=tlhlu­’ogh­ta’ nIy­lo ro­DIS bIl jo’­rIj je/b
bri class=translationDesigned By: Nilo Rodis & Bill George/i/li
lib lang=tlhtlhI­ngan juH­qo’­Daq tlhIng yoS­Daq ’oH toQ­Duj chen­moH­lu’­meH Daq wa’­DIch­’e’/b
bri class=translation1st Construction Site: The Kling District, Klingon Home World/i/li
lib lang=tlhDuj De’ potlh/b
bri class=translationGeneral Specifications/i/li
lib lang=tlhwej­vatlh loS­maH loS vI’ vagh wej ’uj ’aD Duj/b
bri class=translationLength: 120M/i/li
lib lang=tlhloS­maH jav vI’ Soch loS ’uj ’ab meH/b
bri class=translationBridge Height: 16.28M/i/li
lib lang=tlhHIv­taH­vIS toQ­Duj cha’­vatlh wej­maH Soch vI’ vagh chorgh ’uj ’ab ’oH/b
bri class=translationAttack Formation Height: 82.75M/i/li
lib lang=tlhqugh­taH­vIS toQ­Duj Hut­maH vI’ jav wa’ ’uj ’ab ’oH/b
bri class=translationCruise Formation Height: 31.56M/i/li
lib lang=tlhSaq­taH­vIS toQ­Duj wa’­vatlh loS vI’ jav chorgh ’uj ’ab ’oH/b
bri class=translationLanding Formation Height: 36.46M/i/li
lib lang=tlhcha’ vI’ vagh choQ­mey lu­togh­lu’/b
bri class=translationNumber of Decks: 2.5/i/li
lib lang=tlh(cha’ choQ­mey naQ tu’­lu’ ’ej tep choQ bIng­Daq lo’ law’ bID choQ tu’­lu’)/b
bri class=translation(2 Full Decks and a Half Utility Deck unter the Cargo Deck)/i/li
lib lang=tlhwej­vatlh Soch­maH vagh SaD cheb­’a’­mey ngI’ Duj/b
bri class=translationMass: 8.7KT/i/li

h4 id="_br_"b lang=tlhHong­ghor pat/b bri class=translationImpulse Drive System/i/h4

lib lang=tlhHong boq chuy­DaH: loS/b
bri class=translationImpulse Fusion Thrusters – 4/i/li
lib lang=tlhmuD­Daq ’eD­SeH­cha lu­laQ­lu’­bogh: jav/b
bri class=translationAtmospheric Take-Off/Landing Thursters – 6/i/li

h4 id="_br_"b lang=tlhpIv­ghor pat/b bri class=translationWarp Drive System/i/h4

lib lang=tlhpIv­chem lIng­wI’ DaH­mey: cha’/b
bri class=translationWarp Field Generation Arrays – 2/i/li
lib lang=tlhpIv­chem SeH­wI’: cha’/b
bri class=translationWarp Field Controller – 2/i/li
lib lang=tlhqugh­Do motlh: pIv­lob vagh/b
bri class=translationNormal Cruising Speed – Warp 5/i/li
lib lang=tlh’aq­roS qugh­Do: pIv­lob Hut vI’ vagh/b
bri class=translationMaximum Cruising Speed – Warp 9.5/i/li
lib lang=tlhchoH lIS­bogh Hap­’e’: cha’­puj­qut/b
bri class=translationReaction Moderating Element – Crystalline Dilithium/i/li
lib lang=tlhnIn: bIQ­SIp ’ugh/b
bri class=translationFuel – Deuterium Isotope/i/li
lib lang=tlhnIn: rugh bIQ­SIp/b
bri class=translationFuel – Anti Hydrogen/i/li

h4 id="_br_"b lang=tlhjol­pat­mey/b bri class=translationTransporter Systems/i/h4

lib lang=tlhwey jol­pat: wa’ (jav ghot­pu’)/b
bri class=translationPersonnel Transporter – 1 (6 Man)/i/li
lib lang=tlhtep jol­pat: wa’/b
bri class=translationCargo Transporter – 1/i/li
lib lang=tlhQeD pat­mey noch pat­mey je/b
bri class=translationScience and Remote Sensing Systems/i/li
lib lang=tlhchuq­’a’/b
bri class=translationLong Range/i/li
lib lang=tlhjab­bI­’ID pup: Qap­chu’­meH ’aq­roS chuq: cha’ vI’ chorgh logh­qam­mey/b
bri class=translationHigh Resolution – Maximum Effective Range – 3.5 Light Years/i/li
lib lang=tlhjab­bI­’ID pup­Ha’: Qap­chu’­meH chuq: chorgh vI’ chorgh logh­qam­mey/b
bri class=translationMedium to Low Resolution – Effective Range – 11 Light Years/i/li

h4 id="_br_"b lang=tlhya pat­mey/b bri class=translationTactical Systems/i/h4

lib lang=tlhnIS­wI’ tal­mey: cha’ (tel­Daq lu­jom­lu’)/b
bri class=translationDisruptor Cannon – 2 (Wing Mounted)/i/li
lib lang=tlhnIS­wI’: cha’ chang­’eng­mey (tel­Daq lu­jom­lu’, nI­teb­Ha’ lu­baH­lu’)/b
bri class=translationDisruptor – 2 Pairs (Wing Mounted, Fire Linked)/i/li

h4 id="_br_"b lang=tlhQum pat­mey/b bri class=translationCommunications Systems/i/h4

lib lang=tlh’ev­nagh Se’ Hab­lI’/b
bri class=translationSub Space Radio/i/li

h4 id="_br_"b lang=tlhDe’­wI’ pat­mey/b bri class=translationComputer Systems/i/h4

lib lang=tlhHung buv rav: patlh Hut/b
bri class=translationClassified Level 9 and Above/i/li


liTechnical Illustration
brMatt Cushman/li
liComputer Illustration
brBob Kayganich/li
liCreative Director
brMarty Petz/li
liKlingon Translation
brMarc Okrand/li

pThanks for the support provided by the STAR TREK Art Department, John Eaves,
Herman Zimmerman, Mike Okuda, Rick Sternbach, and Doug Drexler./p

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