From: Agnieszka Solska [email protected]
To: tlhIngan Hol [email protected], tlhIngan Hol mailing list
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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 17:01:44 +0000
Subject: More new words from Maltz

qen jIDo'qu': jInmolwIj vIrInmoHmeH muboQ matlh 'ej latlh mu'mey chu' 'ang.
SIbI' tlhIHvaD mu'meyvam vI'angbe'mo' jItlhIj 'ach qen law'qu' yInwIj wanI'mey.
jIvumqu', jIlengqu' (Shanghai vISuchmeH 'eb vIjon!): jabbI'IDghomvam vIbuSlaHbe'.



From: Marc Okrand
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 5:03:07 AM
To: Agnieszka Solska ([email protected])

Agnieszka --

Happy New Year!

It was great seeing you in Germany. I thought the qepHom was a pretty impressive
event -- lots of people, lots of interest and enthusiasm.

So here are the four --

(1) "flavor" or "taste" (nouns) is wejwa'.

(2) "be indirect, be roundabout, be devious" is pIQHa'. So pIQ would be
"be direct."

(3) For "double agent," Maltz liked the slang expression jey'naS ghoqwI'
(literally, "double-headed ax spy"). He said the non-slang term 'o'wen
could also be used for "double agent," but its meaning is a bit broader --
it's used to refer to someone (or something) of ambiguous status. As Maltz
put it, "You're not quite sure if it's this or that. You think it's one
thing, and it may be, but it may be another."

(4) "hole" (like a hole in the ground) is QemjIq. This can also be used
for the hollow in a tree. qung, the word for "hole in a musical instrument,"
can't be used for a hole in the ground, but it could be used for a bullet
hole or a hole in a shirt (including buttonholes, moth holes, accidental
rips, etc.) or a hole in the roof. You can fill (teb) a QemjIq, but not
a qung.

- Marc


From: Marc Okrand
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 2:38:52 AM
To: Agnieszka Solska ([email protected])

Agnieszka --

Maltz managed to come up with a few more words

ditch (n) is taSman

be deep (v) is jaQ (so "shallow" would be jaQHa' -- but there may be another
word for that he wasn't telling me)

be straight (v) is wan (so "crooked" or "bent" would be wanHa')

model, example, pattern (n) is ghantoH (Maltz is assuming this refers to
something one copies or refers to in making things -- or something along
those lines)

That's it so far. I'll keep prodding.

- Marc


SKI 'ISqu' presents more new words recently revealed by Maltz
and apologizes for taking a long time to disclose them to the list.