Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 16:48:51 +0100
From: Lieven Litaer [email protected]
To: "[email protected]" [email protected]
Subject: Re: New canon from Klingon Monopoly

Some strange annoying fact made me gotten kicked out of the list without
letting me know. That's why I send my past messages again - sorry for
the delay:

Am 21.12.2011 21:35, schrieb Felix Malmenbeck:
I believe that on the final version of the board, the name was changed to verengannar (can't check right now; perhaps somebody can confirm).

Both the game board and the cards show this:

'anDor - "Andor"
verenganar - "Ferenginar"

Klingon written in pIqaD.
Note that it's only one in verenganar.


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