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I believe that on the final version of the board, the name vas changed to verengannar (can't check right now; perhaps somebody can confirm).

Also, 'anDorya' was changed to 'anDor (which is interesting, since people disagree on what the distinction is between Andor and Andoria; some claim one is the planet and the other the moon, while others claim "andor" is Andorian for "world", and -ia is some sort of augmentative suffix, so Andoria is "THE world"). Of course, for all we know, 'anDorya' is also correct (much like qarDaS and qarDaSya').

I think the Klingon spelling of Praxis is a bit unfortunate; it looks like a Klingon backfit of a Human name (like 'entepray'), rather than it being the other way around (I'd have liked something like *pIratlh or *pIra'tlhIH).

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>> verngannar - Ferenginar (Ferengi Alliance;

> Well, based on verengan, shouldn't it be *vere or *veren?
> But we know the Ferengis call it something that sounds like
> "Ferenginar" to human ears, and perhaps the same word sounds like
> verngannar to Klingons. Maybe it's verengan that's unusual.
> Perhaps Klingons think verngannarngan is too long and unwieldy,
> or the presence of a ngan in the middle of a word ending in
> ngan is confusing to them (what? what's a Verian's Narian?),
> and so they shortened the word to verengan via some process
> that added the middle "e".

I used to think that *vereng was a short-form planet name in Klingon, perhaps used earlier in preference to *verengannar.

verengan < ?verengngan < ?vereng + ngan

We've seen examples of such elision before:

lIghongan < lIghonngan < lIghon + ngan

KGT 141: A name for the inhabitant of a planet (and, therefore, the name of a race of beings) is formed by adding ngan (inhabitant) to the planet name (excluding the number, if any): lIghonngan (Ligonian) (Actually, there is some phonetic variation here. Ligonian is often pronounced lIghongan, dropping the final n of lIghon before the initial ng of ngan. This is not considered an error, only an alternate pronunciation.)

Another example:

vulgangan < ?vulganngan < vulqan + ngan (?)

The word tlhIngan itself may be a variation:

tlhIngan < ?tlhIngngan < tlhIng + ngan (?)

N.B. There's a tlhIng yoS "Kling District" on Kronos.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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