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I believe that on the final version of the board, the name vas changed to verengannar (can't check right now; perhaps somebody can confirm).

Also, 'anDorya' was changed to 'anDor (which is interesting, since people disagree on what the distinction is between Andor and Andoria; some claim one is the planet and the other the moon, while others claim "andor" is Andorian for "world", and -ia is some sort of augmentative suffix, so Andoria is "THE world"). Of course, for all we know, 'anDorya' is also correct (much like qarDaS and qarDaSya').

I think the Klingon spelling of Praxis is a bit unfortunate; it looks like a Klingon backfit of a Human name (like 'entepray'), rather than it being the other way around (I'd have liked something like *pIratlh or *pIra'tlhIH).

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verngannar - Ferenginar (Ferengi Alliance;

Well, based on verengan, shouldn't it be *vere or *veren?
But we know the Ferengis call it something that sounds like
"Ferenginar" to human ears, and perhaps the same word sounds like
verngannar to Klingons. Maybe it's verengan that's unusual.
Perhaps Klingons think verngannarngan is too long and unwieldy,
or the presence of a ngan in the middle of a word ending in
ngan is confusing to them (what? what's a Verian's Narian?),
and so they shortened the word to verengan via some process
that added the middle "e".

I used to think that *vereng was a short-form planet name in Klingon, perhaps used earlier in preference to *verengannar.

verengan ?verengngan ?vereng + ngan

We've seen examples of such elision before:

lIghongan lIghonngan lIghon + ngan

KGT 141: A name for the inhabitant of a planet (and, therefore, the name of a race of beings) is formed by adding ngan (inhabitant) to the planet name (excluding the number, if any): lIghonngan (Ligonian) (Actually, there is some phonetic variation here. Ligonian is often pronounced lIghongan, dropping the final n of lIghon before the initial ng of ngan. This is not considered an error, only an alternate pronunciation.)

Another example:

vulgangan ?vulganngan vulqan + ngan (?)

The word tlhIngan itself may be a variation:

tlhIngan ?tlhIngngan tlhIng + ngan (?)

N.B. There's a tlhIng yoS "Kling District" on Kronos.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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