Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 10:26:52 +0100
From: "De'vID jonpIn"
Subject: Re: learnings from Saarbr?cken qepHom'a'

Agnieszka Solska:

> I learned them last August and promptly included them in my list of new
> words.
> To the best of my knowledge they come from MO. The first one was revealed
> to pagh, who needed it for the story he was translating for the Worlds of
> Translation Project. I don't know whether the other words were also
> revealed
> to him or to someone else.

Since 'ISqu' has already explained her source, I'll note the definitions I
jotted down from her:

<'IvtIH> "n. hip"
"n. kidney"
<'eQway> "n. belly button"
"n. forearm"
"n. palate"


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