Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 10:26:52 +0100
From: "De'vID jonpIn" [email protected]
To: KLI [email protected]
Subject: Re: learnings from Saarbr?cken qepHom'a'

Agnieszka Solska:

I learned them last August and promptly included them in my list of new
To the best of my knowledge they come from MO. The first one was revealed
to pagh, who needed it for the story he was translating for the Worlds of
Translation Project. I don't know whether the other words were also
to him or to someone else.

Since 'ISqu' has already explained her source, I'll note the definitions I
jotted down from her:

'IvtIH "n. hip"
rajma' "n. kidney"
'eQway "n. belly button"
cha'neH "n. forearm"
lev "n. palate"


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