Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 21:39:52 +0100
From: "De'vID jonpIn" [email protected]
To: "[email protected]" [email protected]
Subject: Re: learnings from Saarbr├╝cken qepHom'a'

ja' De'vID:

I saw several new words (words new to me; they may already be known to


Where did you see those? Were they written by MO? Were they printed? Or
just written on table among a lot of weird drawings? pay attention to those
latter, many of our students like to "invent" funny klingon words :-)

Qov had actually used 'IvtIH in her story at some point. The sentence
was 'IvtIHDu'Daj 'uch Mahoun, so I inferred it was a body part.
ghunchu'wI' appeared to know it, so I wrote it down as a new word. This
was before the qepHom.

At the qepHom, I happened to talk to 'ISqu' about this word, and she showed
me a list of five words she'd typed out from a previous qep'a', under the
title porgh 'ay': the above four plus lev which I already had in my own
dictionary. All five words were parts of the body. She also had
definitions. However, I didn't want to post the definitions I copied from
her, since our definitions of lev differed slightly: my notes say "n.
hard palate, roof of mouth (source: qep'a' 12)", and her definition simply
said "n. palate". So she may have abbreviated her definitions, or perhaps
my source had elaborated it (link:,

If someone else has seen the above four words before, please post the
definitions you have. Otherwise, I'll post the ones I copied from her in a
little bit.


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