Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 14:02:40 +0100
From: Lieven Litaer [email protected]
To: "[email protected]" [email protected]
Subject: Re: learnings from Saarbr├╝cken qepHom'a'

ja' De'vID:
Soj refers not just to food, but anything consumed for sustenance
(i.e., "food" in a more general sense than "solid food")

Talking about food, no new word, but an interesting explanation:

I asked if there were a word for "satisfied", "I'm full", i.e. you had
eaten enough.

MO said no, but accepted ghungHa' for "not hungry any more". You
cannot use it though to say that you are not hungry, that should be
ghungbe' "not hungry". But if you are hungry first, then you eat
enough, then you can say DaH jIghungHa' "Now I am un-hungry." (="not
hungry any more")

It also works with 'oj the same way.


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