Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 09:56:51 +0100
From: Lieven Litaer [email protected]
To: "[email protected]" [email protected]
Subject: new words from qepHom Germany

Dear Klingonists,

assome have mentioned already, we got some new words from Marc Okrand
for our 10th qepHom in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany.

I had asked in advance what Klingons would use to describe an
"architect", which is my job. I suggested the word *qurbuSwI'*, which my
Morskan friend told me. Friends of architecture might see a pun here
already ;-) Marc Okrand explained his own pun to me too, but I'll let
you find it out. It's even a double pun!

By the way, the word for "blueprint" mentioned below is pu'jIn, a word
we learned some years ago.

Here is the original letter:

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Subject: Re: qepHom Saarbr├╝cken
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 23:52:23 -0400
From: Marc Okrand
To: Lieven Litaer

Lieven --

Maltz has not been too cooperative lately in terms of giving out new
words. Maybe things will ease up closer to the time of the qepHom.

He did say, though, that there is a verb ren that means "design" or
"map out" or "plan." He said that renwI' (which I guess in its most
general sense means "designer") is a perfectly good term for architect,
but it can also be used for someone who designs a vehicle, say. That is,
it's not restricted to buildings.

He said it would not be used for "architect" in the sense of someone
being the architect of a plan to do something; it has to be used of a
person who designs a physical object of some sort.

ren is not the same as 'ogh "invent," which implies creating
something that hasn't been created before. And it's not the same as
nab "plan" which is used for planning an event (or a battle strategy
or whatever), just as the noun nab "plan" cannot be used to refer to

I asked him about Morskan *qurbuSwI'*. He said he wasn't really all that
familiar with Morskan, but then he thought about it a little more and
said he did know a word Qur that might be related, though it was
difficult to translate. The best he could come up with was "structure"
or "organization." He was quick to point out that this did not mean
"structure" like a building is a structure, nor did it mean
"organization" like an organization of people or even an organization of
states. It means the way things fit together or the arrangement of the
parts of something bigger. He said it could be used for "anatomy" when
talking about animals. Though he looked a little pained when I suggested
it, he agreed that one could say that Scotty understood the Qur of the

See you soon.

- Marc

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