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Subject: Eurotalk - New Words - Food

It's 6:32pm in Greenwich. If anyone else was going to post new words
today, they've had their chance.
And I'd like to thank Felix for jumping in with the phrases yesterday
and invite others to jump in with lists tomorrow.

We've had countries and phrases.
How about some food?

I'm going to list everything that we're presented with, new word or not.


knife - taj
fork - puq chonnaQ
spoon - baghneQ
plate - jengva'
cup and saucer - Dargh HIvje' jengva' je
bread - tIr ngogh
mug - HIvje'
bowl - Duq
glass - HIvje'
cola - qo'la' 'awje'
tea - Dargh
rice - ray' tIr
fish - ghotI'
tomatoes - tomat naHmey
sweet corn - meyIS tIr
mango - menggho' naH
eggs - QImmey
toast - tIr ngogh QaD
banana - banan naH
apples - 'epIl naHmey
carrot - qe'rot 'oQqar
pears - per naHmey
sugar - Su'ghar qutmey
butter - nIm tlhagh
strawberries - Sutra'ber naHmey
onion - 'anyan 'oQqar
cucumber - tera' peb'ot
grapefruit - tera' na'ran'a'
lemon - tera' na'ran wIb
orange - tera' na'ran
raspberries - raSber naHmey
grapes - ghIrep naHmey
cheese - nIm wIb ngogh
potatoes - patat 'oQqarmey
garlic - gharlIq 'oQqar
fries - tlhagh patat 'oQqar naQHommey
pizza - pItSa' chab
burger - Ha'DIbaH ghIH tIr ngogh je
mushrooms - tera' yav 'atlhqammey
plum - pIlam naH
chopsticks - Soj naQmey

Thoughts on a word for "pineapple"?

*pay'In'epIl naH?
*pay''epIl naH?


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