Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 19:29:49 +0100
From: Lieven Litaer [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: News from Maltz

peqIm ghojwI'pu',

jIQuchqu', DaH QInQuvwIj chu'mo' naDev QInmey vIlablaH. tagha'.

Do'qu', DaH De' potlh vIlabqa'laH. wa'vatlhlogh vIngeHba'ta':

The ninth qepHom'a' in Saarbr├╝cken was a big success - again. This year
we had 25 attendees, of whom 10 were new students. We have never had so
many people, and we have never had so many new among them. I was even
positively surprised that they all were really perfectly prepared,
having read TKD completely, some even writing in pIqaD.

During three days, there was a lot of Klingon talk, maybe not so long
conversations, but many word plays, exercises, games like 'Iv jIH and
qaDHom wa', and of course the practice of Klingon toasts at the bar.

We even had a chance to talk to Maltz. He was not present this year, but
he agreed to visit us next year, when we celebrate our tenth anniversary.

Somone had asked about the word for "pillow" and suggested QongDaqvaD
meyrI' tun ghoDlu'bogh

Maltz first said that Klingons don't have pillows and he wondered why
anyone would want one. But he's seen them (somewhere) and knows what
they are. So when pushed -- "If you have to call it something, what
would you call it?" -- he said ngogh tun. A ngogh is a "block" or
"lump" or "brick." He said he's seen humans eating yuch ngoghmey and
found that strange. I'm not sure what form he'd prefer his yuch to be.

He thought more about it and said maybe another way to say "pillow" was
QongDaq buq "bed pouch," but he said that could also apply to a
sleeping bag. Perhaps a sleeping bag is QongDaq buq'a' and a pillow
is QongDaq buqHom. The word buq could be "bag, sack, pouch" or even
"pocket." When clarity is needed, one could say, for example, yopwaH
"pants pouch" or wep buq "coat pouch" for "pants pocket" or "coat
pocket," but when the context is clear, buq alone would suffice for

We had the opportunity to hear some other words, which I will describe
in another mail. I hope you just enjoy these few first, and start a
Klingon pillow fight. ;-)

PS: did you see the pun already?

Quvar valer
Lieven L. Litaer