Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 07:50:56 -0700
From: Robyn Stewart [email protected]
Subject: Re: mu' chu'
To: [email protected]

SaH, 'ej cha' mu' chu' DIghajchoHlaw'.

'anghalvaD, qaSpa' qep'a' mu ghovbe'bogh 'anghal lo' Okrand. qolqoS
'oH. qep'a'Daq nuq 'oS?, ghel 'anghal. "When I told you that it
would be a small qep'a', you wrote that that was okay, at least the
qolqoS would be there. It seems to mean 'fanatical core'."
jangchu'be' Okrand, jatlh, "Perhaps not necessarily fanatical" 'ach
SIbI' John Colicos ( ghov 'op.
Kor Da. QIjtaHbe' Okrand, mon neH.

paqDaq latlh mu' ghaj Okrand 'e' vIlegh. 'el'I'jaH 'oHlaw'. 'ej
"uninvited guest" 'oS. mu'vetlh maqbejbe'mo' chaq mu'na' bIHbe'.

jatlh je not mu' moj pIS SIt je, Qutlaw'mo' wabmey. maqIDmeH
majalth vaj DIlo'laH maH.

At 07:20 AM 8/2/2007, you wrote:
After the qep'a', I have a question which probably many people have,
and I don't need to state it completely, because it is a standard
uestion after a qp'a' ;-)

Did he???

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