Fresh from the Credit-Where-
Credit-Is-Due Department, special
commendations go out to Will
Martin (Keeper of the New Words
list on the KLI website) who
contacted HolQeD to inquire
regarding a consistent error in last
quarter's article "matlh jup
" in which -meH was
consistently used when -moH cause
should have been. This doubtless
caused additional confusion as
several of the examples provided
used -meH for quite appropriately.

The main culprit was the

All of these words can be
used with the suffix
-meH cause is such
constructions as:

at the bottom of the first column on
page 9, and continues the error with
the example at the top of the second

To ensure this error was indeed
an error (and to avoid a correction
which might subsequently be
discovered to be itself an error) Dr.
Okrand was contacted to confirm
the -meH/-moH mix-up.

It's a typo. (Mine --- Maltz
had it right, and in the notes
I scribbled before typing it up
it was right.)

I should be -moH.

Some sort of replacement
proverb is in order now, or
some railing against the

It should be noted that Okrand
did not actually supply a
replacement proverb at that time,
nor since. On the other hand, he
also refrained from covering the gaff
by appealing to any form of historic
and hitherto unknown Klingon
vowel shift or by smiling
enigmatically. All in all, a fair trade.