From: "Marc Okrand"

Marc Okrand wrote in article
> SuStel charghwI' je -- muquvmoH QInmey DalI'pu'bogh tlhIH.

To all those too polite to say anything...

The Klingon sentence I wrote to SuStel and charghwI' contains a grammatical error. It's not a weird
dialectal variation; it has nothing to do with social status; it's not a
form of secret or disguised speech. It's just plain wrong.

The verb should be , using the prefix "you (plural)
it/them," not "you (singular)

Though plural suffixes are not obligatory on nouns ( can mean
either "warrior" or "warriors"), Klingons are fussy about the verb

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Clearly, Maltz never saw my

- Marc