Everyday Klingon

The following text comes from the three Klingon cards found in the sixth
season Star Trek: The Next Generation deck published by SkyBox
International Inc.

S31 Hegh bey Death Howl

HeghDI' tlhIngan SuvwI' pagh tlhIngan SuvwI' HoHlu'DI' Heghtay lulop
latlh tlhInganpu'. Heghtay luloptaHvIS chaH chaq bey SeQ lujach.
Heghpu'bogh tlhIngan mInDu' lupoSmoHlu'. beyHom bey bey'a'
jachtaH latlh tlhInganpu'. yay 'oS bey. 'IQ pagh. Heghpu'bogh latlhpu'
ghuHmoH bey. ghoS tlhIngan SuvwI' maq.

When a Klingon warrior dies or is killed, other Klingons may perform a
ceremonial howl or yell as part of the Klingon death ritual. The eyes of the
fallen Klingon are opened and others roar in great crescendo. This yell is
victorious in nature, rather than mournful and also serves to warn the other
dead that a Klingon warrior is coming.

S32 'oy'naQ Painstik

nentay loptaHvIS tlhIngan potlh tlhIngan 'oy'naQ'e'. SIQwI'
lu'oy'moHmeH juppu'Daj 'oy'naQmey lo' chaH. SuvwI' qa' patlh veb
chavlaHmeH tlhIngan lo'chu' chaH. toDujDaj toblu'. wej 'ujmey 'ab
'oy'naQ. chIch vay' 'oy'moHmeH 'oy'naQ 'vI law' tlhuD 'oH.

The Klingon Painstik is an important part of a Klingon's Age of Ascension
ceremony. The Painstik is employed by friends of the recipient who use the
devices to inflict pain in a manner which will allow the Klingon to attain a
higher state of spirituality as a warrior, proving his mettle. Painstiks are a
little over one meter long and emit a highly-charged shock for the express
purpose of inflicting pain.

S33 So'wI' Cloaking Device

Hoch tlhIngan DujDaq So'wI' jomlu'. puVlaHbogh DujngabmoHlaw'
So'wI'. boq lucherDI' tlhIngan wo' romuluS Hov wo' je So'wI' cham
Soqpu' tlhIngan wo'.chaq tampu'. chaq romulu Snganpu'vaD pIvghor
cham lunobpu' tlhInganpu'. HoS law'qu' natlhmo' So'wI' QaptaHvIS
So'wI' QaplaHbe' nuHmey. ngongmeH wa' DujDaq nuHmey nISbe'bogh
So'wI' jomlu'pu'. HovpoH Hut vagh cha' wa' vI' jav Dujvam 'aghlu'pu'
'ach Qaw'lu'pu'

All Klingon vessels are equipped with a cloaking device, allowing the ship to
fly in a state of practical invisibility. Cloaking technology was gained
through an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire, possibly in exchange for
Warp Drive technology. Due to the tremendous energy drain of a cloaking
device, weapons cannot be dischargd while the cloak is in operation.