From: [email protected]
Date: November 10, 1996

Michael and Mary --
Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm not currently working on any new tapes. But
there is a new tape out (or will be soon): the audio version of "The
Klingon Way." I haven't heard the tape yet myself (my voice isn't on it),
but it should be another way to hear the language (and certainly an easy
way to pick up some good Klingon sayings).

There's also the "Klingon" CD-ROM that has a language-learning component
on it. Mostly, you hear Robert O'Reilly (Gowron) speaking Klingon words
and phrases. In addition, by hitting a button labeled "more," you hear
me chime in with some supplemental information, including, sometimes,
pronunciation hints. (If you have the ability to use the speech
recognition part of the CD-ROM and actually talk to your computer, Gowron
congratulates you by shouting Qapla' when you get it right. When you get
it wrong, you get me instead, correcting your mistake. Well, it depends
on the mistake. Sometimes you get silence.)

I hope you keep enjoying the language!