In this commercial Klingon commander Gowron (as seen in Star Trek: The Next
Generation) rewards his officers for victory in battle by giving them a gift
-- a Klingon Bird-of-Prey Christmas ornament. Gowron is played by Robert
O'Reilly, Crewman 1 by Guy Vardaman.

Gowron: Qapla'

Gowron: pIj maSuvpu' batlh maSuvpu' 'ej maQapbejta'
In our many battles, we have fought with honor and achieved... victory!

Gowron: vaj malopmeH tlhIHvaD nob SaSuqpu'
So to celebrate, I've gotten you all a gift.

Gowron: tlhIngan toQDujHom 'oH
It's a Klingon Bird-of-Prey ornament.

Crewman 1: toQDujna' rurchu'
It looks so real!

Crewman 2: Qapqu' wovmoHbogh janHommey
It even has working lights!

Speaker: Hallmark introduces the exclusive Klingon keepsake ornament. Call
1-800-HALLMARK for a Gold Crown store near you.

Crewman 1: (peghmo' ... )
That was real nice of him.

Crewman 2: HIja' gibberish wISuqnIS
Yeah, we should get him a thank you card.

The last two lines are badly garbled. Whatever gibberish Crewman 2 is saying,
from the verb prefix wI- it should be a singular object noun, probably formed
from the verb tlho' thank or the noun tlho' appreciation, gratitude --
*tlho'meH nav/ghItlh thank you card?

"The commercial switches to Federation Standard displaying the ship and giving
the sales pitch. After that we see the warriors speaking to one another as they
leave through the door. " (Glen Proechel)

Marc Okrand commented on the old MSN BBS (6/18/1997):
"I haven't seen the commercial in a while, but I don't think wov was used as
a noun there. Though the Klingons in the ad may have ad libbed a bit, the
phrase the one Klingon was supposed to say regarding the little lights in the
Bird of Prey ornament was wovmoHbogh janHommey. That is, 'little devices that
cause (something) to be light or bright' or 'little devices that brighten
(something)' or 'little devices that light (something) up' or the like. wov
is a verb 'be light, bright' followed by the suffix -moH 'cause' (thus,
'cause to be light')."