Talking with Marc Okrand it's difficult to stay focused on a narrow point
of grammal; other bits and pieces of tlhIngan Hol lore crept in here and
there during an hour long chat, snippets which didn't quite lend themselves
to the interview on -ghach, as definitive a case of leftovers as one could

Those mystery words from can be revealed at last. is
ngagh, and is actually lItHa'

And finally, somewhat back on the target: the origin of -ghach. It all stems
from poor Worf's fate, his decision to take on the . Having
the verb naD making naDHa' was simple enough, but what to do for a
nominal form? Enter the ever-popular -ghach! But we can't blame Worf, or
even his father, for as we all know Mogh was a traitor. If you want to
blame -ghach on someone, blame the house of Duras.