Everyday Klingon

Several members sent in photocopies of a SkyBox trading card containing a
rather lengthy bit of Klingon text, both in the romanized form we've
come to know so well, and in the pIqaD. As is so often the case the pIqaD
used makes no sense, nor is it even internally consistent. However, the text
itself bears some study. Marc Okrand was kind enough to confirm that he
did indeed provide SkyBox with this translation, making it perhaps the
longest piece of Klingon discourse on record, and canon to boot. No doubt
this will quickly become a highly sought trading card, one of the few
instances of well formed Klingon not produced for television or film.
Okrand's text follows, the translation (and its significance) is left as an
exercise to the reader. The card itself is entitled QU', all in uppercase, making
interpretation a fierce quest indeed.

loS... qIb HeHDaq, 'u' SepmeyDaq
Sovbe'lu'bogh lenglu'meH He
ghoSlu'bogh retlhDaq 'oHtaH.
HaDlu'meH, QuSlu'meH, SuDlu'meH
lojmIt Da logh Hop Hut tengchaH.
vaj loghDaq lenglaHtaH Humanpu'.
veH Qav 'oH logh'e'.

From card 99, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 1993 Series, SkyBox International,
Inc. TM, ® & © 1993 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.