Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Marc Okrand has always given full credit to James Doohan and Mark Lenard (who plays the Klingon captain) for creating the eleven original words that he used as the basis for tlhIngan Hol. (Not a great deal to base a whole language upon really.) This is Okrand's version of the opening scene (done after the fact) with the subtitles as they appeared in the movie:

Klingon captain: wIy cha'

Klingon captain: HaSta

Klingon captain: cha yIghuS
"Tactical, stand by on torpedoes."

Klingon captain: 'eH

strongKlingon captain raises his hand in preparation for the order to fire./strong

Klingon captain: SSS... baH

Klingon captain: junchoH

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