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GrammarLessonsSayingsNoun Suffixes
Verb PrefixesVerb SuffixespIqaDMedia
FlashcardsNew WordsText Processor

Welcome to the Klingon Assault Group's Hol 'ampaS (Language Academy) run by Captain qurgh zantai-lungqIj, the current Hol 'ampaS DevwI'. We have created this site to help teach others about the Klingon Language as well as to supply solid language information to both KAG members and the general public.

If you are interested in learning the Klingon Language, chatting with other new students or just need a quick translation, you can join us in our Facebook group: Learn Klingon.

NEW Hol 'ampaS now has a Chrome Extenstion to make it easier to lookup words you find while browsing the web. Just highlight aword or sentence, right click and select "Lookup on Hol 'ampaS". Get it now from the Chrome Web Store.

On this site you will find:

  • Searchable Klingon dictionary/translator. Now supports both pIqaD and Romanized tlhIngan Hol.
  • Klingon grammar guide
  • Klingon lessons
  • Klingon Boggle game
  • Media database of Klingon language audio and video clips
  • Klingon Flashcards, including a set for the Klingon Language Certification Test
  • Play the popular 2048 game with Klingon numbers.
  • If you would like a Klingon word of the Day sent to your cell phone, TXT 'follow kwotd' to 40404 and follow the instructions.

    Come and like the Hol 'ampaS Facebook Page!

    pIqaD Support

    pIqaD (Klingon writing) support has been added. View pIqaD does not require a download, however writing pIqaD does. There are currently two methods of installing the pIqaD font, depending on your current system.

    • Windows Vista/7
    • Download this installer and run it.

    • Windows Mobile
    • Download and install this CAB file on your device. Then reboot.

    • iPhone/iPod Touch
    • Font swap package is coming soon.

    • Palm Pre
    • Installable fonts coming soon.

    • Other Systems
    • Download the pIqaD Font and install it as you normally would for your system

    Once it is installed, you may have to set your web browser to detect it using the following instructions:

    • Netscape/Mozilla
    • Under Tools/Options select pIqaD as your default font.

    • Internet Explorer
    • Coming Soon (The above installer should make IE work, the manual font install will need some settings changed)