Basic Klingon Grammer - Lesson notes

Vocabulary guide

The guide is broken up into nouns and verbs and lists all the words used in the lesson, plus some extra ones.

tera'nganTerran tlhInganKlingon
Dujship targhTarg
Ha'DIbaHmeat or animal 'Iw HIqblood wine
romuluSnganRomulan (the race) romuluS HIqRomulan Ale

HoHkill ghajhave
Suvfight Qongsleep
Sopeat tlhutlhdrink

Here are all the sentances used in the lesson:

tera'ngan HoH tlhInganThe Klingon kills the Terran
Duj ghaj tlhInganThe Klingon has a ship
tlhIngan Suv targhThe Targ fights the Klingon
Qong tlhInganThe Klingon sleeps

Here are a few more:

'Iw HIq tlhutlh tlhInganThe Klingon drinks the blood wine
Ha'DIbaH Sop targhThe targ eats the meat
romuluS HIq tlhutlh verenganThe Ferengi drinks the Romulan ale

You should be able to translate the following sentances yourself:

Qong targh??
Ha'DIbaH Sop tlhIngan??
tlhIngan qIp tera'ngan??
targh Suv tera'ngan??

Now use the words to make up some of your own sentances. Don't worry if they don't really make sense, you only have a few words to play with. If you have a Klingon Dictionary, then feel free to use that as well to look up words.

If you get stuck or need any help, then feel free to send me a message. I'll try and answer your questions as quickly as I can. If you want to pratice chatting, then send me a msg with your MSN/AIM name and I'll IM you.